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Smash Burgers on the Grill

About Us

Founded on a passion for crafting decadent, cravable, and delicious Smash Burgers and Loaded Fries, Midnyt Burger stands as a cornerstone for burger enthusiasts and foodies alike, seeking fast, affordable, and mouth-watering meals at any time of the day.

Our journey began with a simple yet profound idea: to bring the irresistible flavors of late-night cravings into the light of day, making them accessible to everyone. At Midnyt Burger, we pride ourselves on swift service and wallet-friendly prices, ensuring that gourmet quality is always within reach.

Our menu is a carefully curated selection of Smash Burgers and Loaded Fries, each item crafted to perfection with high-quality ingredients and straightforward recipes designed to satisfy your cravings.


Whether it’s the middle of the day or late in the night, Midnyt Burger is your go-to spot for late-night eats, all day long.

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